Australian Personal Finance Links Roundup #3

I haven’t had much free time the past few weeks, which meant I haven’t had the chance to look for more Aussie PF blogs. I even missed a link roundup last week (sorry!). So, I decided to curate useful links to personal finance tools and resources instead for this post.


MoneySmart – This is a financial guide website by ASIC that has heaps of information about money management, investments, superannuation, etc. They have calculators, infographics, publications, teaching resources (for teachers) and they can even help you find lost money. I really like this website and I think the government did a good job building it and an even better job for promoting financial literacy to the nation.

Financial Literacy Online CourseOpen2Study has a free online course on financial literacy from Macquarie University which kicks off on October 10. There is no detailed syllabus for this course but the brief information writes:

“You will then learn the basic skills to get you started on building your wealth and then you will be shown the common mistakes people make with managing their money.”

I think this is a great introduction for someone who wants to do something with their personal finances but don’t know where to start. I’d actually take this course if I weren’t too busy.

Australian ETF Report 2015Stockspot, an Australian automated investment service, released a comprehensive report on an anlysis they conducted on 100 ASX listed ETFs. I found this report helpful when I was researching on ETFs a few months ago. The report is easy to read (great data visualisation) and explains ETFs really well, which is good for someone who doesn’t have a financial background.

It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne, because it’s the day before the footy grand finals. I’m not making that up, I swear. The weather is also going to be nice for the next 3 days and I’m hoping we can go out for a hike or a long walk tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone!