About Last Month (August Savings Rate)

Hi. I’ve been offline for only a month but it feels longer than that. I missed this place (including the people who visit it). Really. But I’m glad I took a step back because I feel so much better now. I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this post but I didn’t want to miss a goal update, so I decided to pop up and write short one.



I saved 45% of my net pay last month, which is 5% short of my goal. I did make up for all the food I missed last July and I didn’t hold back. I had my Japanese food fix, including black sesame ice cream. Yay! My health did not improve much in August though and I think it was mostly due to stress and lack of rest.


The past two months have been difficult, it felt like everything was happening at the same time and as much as I tried to stay calm and positive, I came to a point when I had to accept that I wasn’t okay. I was trying to do so many things at the same time, same things I was doing prior to July, except that back then, I didn’t have to go house hunting and I wasn’t learning new things at work. I was trying to keep my schedule despite the change in my circumstances and that wasn’t a good call. I decided to let go of some things and Mandarin lessons and blogging (I might not post as often as other people but pre-July, I spent the first hour of my day blogging – writing drafts, reading other blogs, writing comments) made the cut. The decision made sense because 1) I couldn’t attend my Saturday classes because open inspections fall on this day and 2) I couldn’t put my thoughts in writing because, well, my thoughts were not organised. I also decided to take a day off from work and told my boss I wanted to take a mental health day. I didn’t do anything that day (bed, bed al and I wish I did that sooner. Do not underestimate the power of a full day’s rest. Seriously, it can change your life.


Hello, Spring. Winter has been cold and miserable that I was so happy that Spring finally came. I’m looking forward to what this season has in store for me. My gut says it will be good to me.

How was August for/to you? Did you reach your financial goal(s) last month? How’s the change of season for you? I’d love to hear your stories!