About Last Month (October Savings Rate)

I haven’t been here in a long time and it feels weird and exciting to be doing this again. I took a huge step back, didn’t I? I missed this space and the people, but I was able to do a lot of thinking and reflecting and evaluating during that short break, so I’d have to say it was very much worth it. I’m writing with excitement now, knowing that I truly want to do it, and not because I feel like I have to do it. Yeah, it did get to that point.



I still can’t believe it’s already November! In two months, it’s 2017. How crazy is that? Has it really been almost a year since we went to Tasmania? Wow. I only have two months to make the best out of 2016. I still have two months to make my 2016 better. Anyway, on to last month’s savings rate — last month, I was able to save 55% of my net pay. It may seem a lot but really, it isn’t. I had a higher savings rate, because: 1) I had a 3-paycheck month, and 2) I received my tax refund. To be honest, October is my second most expensive month (next to January, before I started tracking my savings rate). If it wasn’t for that 3rd paycheck, I would have only saved 30% of my net pay. It was that expensive.


Last September, we finally found a rental and moved in on the second week of the same month. We had to buy a lot of house things because we wanted to avoid taking stuff from my brothers’ place (where I originally lived) even if technically, I have half ownership of most of the things there; and also, my boyfriend owned nothing, save for a bed and his personal things, because he was an eternal house sharer. Except for the couch, coffee table and set of plates and utensils, the rest of our stuff were bought pre-loved. (We did bring my bed, my study and all my workout with us though.) We still find ourselves buying things we need every weekend, but we haven’t done any major purchases after September. Most of my October expenses were related to these purchases (I do use my credit card, no, I don’t pay fees or interest). Oh, we did buy a vacuum cleaner last weekend, that was expensive. We are very cautious of the things we buy, not only because we want to save money, but also because we know we will have to move again at some point, and we really don’t want to be moving a lot of stuff when that happens.


I thought I’d include my September savings rate in this post as I didn’t have an update for it. I saved 52% of my net pay in September. It was because I charged most of my expenses to my credit card (see above). My boyfriend and I moved in together (to our own rental place, with no other housemates – yay!) and we are buying things together but our finances remain separate. Using a credit card is the best way for us to track our joint expenses and it allows us to manage our money better too.


It’s even nicer to actually want to be back. For the past month and a half, I’ve always tried to write something, even free writing, but nothing was coming out right. I guess I didn’t have anything interesting to write about, or maybe I was no longer inspired, or maybe I just needed to step out of it and miss it. instead of forcing myself to come up with something, I decided to walk away instead. And I guess this post validates that decision. This feels good. This feels right.

Hey, I, oh, I’m still alive.

I hope you’re all well and enjoying what’s left of your weekend!