Out of the Rabbit Hole

I know I’ve been away for so long and that I didn’t really say much before I left, but I’m here because I finally felt like writing again.


I guess at one point I was part of the statistic of PF bloggers who abandon their blogs two weeks after starting them. I did think about it – pulling the plug. But I finally decided against it, because: I can use an outlet (especially during difficult/tempting times) and the documentation is nice to have. I like this space and the people visit and spare a few minutes to say hi. I realised I’m not ready to let go yet, I only wanted some time away from it. So, yeah, I’m still here. Yay?


The last update I made was for my October savings rate. For the sake of closing the loop on my 2016 results, here’s how the rest of the year looked like:

  • November savings rate: 37%
  • December savings rate: 12%

I spent a lot of monies in December because we went on a trip to see family. I did set money aside for a holiday trip, but because we decided last minute where we were going (his hometown, which, I have to admit, wasn’t the destination I was saving for), we ended up spending more than what I planned for. To be fair, the trip cost itself was covered by the travel fund (for both of us), the gifts were the extras that we failed to prepare for. It was Christmas, we felt generous (and excited!) and we were happy our holiday break turned out the way it did.

Did I reach my goal of saving 50% of my net pay in 2016? No. But I was almost close (haha!). Overall, I saved 41% of my annual net pay in 2016. I thought about breaking this percentage into two categories: real savings and planned expenses, for this post, but then I thought, ‘what’s the point?’ Really, what is the point? Sure, I did spend some of it on travel and education and charity, but aren’t those things investments as well? In 2016, I invested for a future house and for my retirement, while investing on myself and on others too. In reality, I’ve invested 41% of my net pay on things that matter to me. At least that’s how I see it.


I haven’t thought about a single specific financial goal I’d like to tackle this year. I did net worth and house deposit tracking in 2015 and savings rate tracking in 2016 and while I can do expense tracking this year, for the sake of having a goal and something to write about, I’d rather not do it. I feel that more than two years of tracking my savings and expenses have given me enough discipline to continue being money-aware. While I still have a spreadsheet and I still update it at least once a week, I honestly think I no longer need to post-for-accountability. I’m leaning towards a no-specific-money-goal-2017, but I will continue working on the ultimate goal of not having to worry about money. That has always been the dream, anyway.


Heh! Thank you for stopping by and checking in and for making it to here. I’ve missed a lot of my PF friends and I’m thankful for everyone who dropped me private messages to ask how I’m doing (or if I’m still alive haha!), I really appreciate it.I trust that you’re all well (and your financial goals, on track), I’ll try my best to be more visible this time around.