June 2017 Goals Update

It’s reporting time in the personal finance blog space and here’s our June 2017 update. This year we are tracking our progress on our 1) one paycheck project; 2) investing habit; 3) health and fitness; and 4) other fun stuff.




Last March, we agreed to try live on one paycheck in order to improve our finances as a couple. We are trying to limit our monthly spending to my net pay, which is the lower pay, so we can save more than 50% of our total take home pay every month.

Our June 2017 spending exceeded my salary by $509. I predicted we’d hit our target this month, but expensive stuff always seem to manage to creep their way in. Of course, I’m making excuses.

*The below table shows our non-recurring expenses/overspending. I did make that clear in my last update but not in this one. Ooops! Sorry and thanks Pia for the heads up!

CategoryMay 2017Notes
Total Non-recurring expenses763
Petrol+Transport+Car221Speeding ticket + Uber
Restaurants58Amount in excess of $100
Other entertainment211Concert tickets
Hobbies/Fishing/Yarn254Bluehost annual fees + yarn for a gift
Health/Self-care18(Amount in excess of $100 ) Skin care to replace empties

We paid a $194 speeding fine in June for a ticket we received over our Easter holiday. Driving on a winding road is always difficult and tiring, especially if you’re behind someone who drives 10km/h less than the limit for like two hours. Two hours! No, this driver wasn’t considerate enough to stop at overtaking lanes, he/she was happy to hold everyone up. Boyfriend got really cranky and annoyed that as soon as we got out onto the Great Ocean Road, he overtook this slow car and went a bit over the limit. I saw a parked car on the side of the road and I knew right then that we got done.

We also bought Ed Sheeran tickets last month. You know, those tickets that sold out after 30 minutes. My screen loaded for at least 15 minutes, but I managed to get two of them. Here’s the thing though, I’m not even sure I want to watch him live. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and his music, but I’m really picky with the concerts I go to. I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t saving money, but I am. FOMO was real on this one. What if come March 2018, I decide I want to see him? Then, I can. What if I don’t? Then, I sell the tickets. End of story.

And the last expensive item in the list is this blog’s annual hosting fee. This hobby isn’t cheap.


We didn’t buy any shares this month. Despite trying to put all our savings into a house deposit, we still managed to set aside some money for investing. But to avoid higher brokerage costs, we are going to buy shares in lump sum rather than in smaller chunks. For the curious, I could only allocate $500 in June. Still better than $0.


After not doing anything about our fitness for the last year (or two!), we finally decided to move our butts and join a gym this year. My partner’s health was a huge factor that lead us to this decision. After having our blood tested, we found out that he has high cholesterol, fatty liver and low iron levels. While the levels are just above normal, it was enough to make him do some changes in his life.


Our GP recommended for us to change our diets to consume more (fatty) fish and less red meat. We are now consuming fish at least twice a week and are eating more vegetables than carbs. We are still eating red meat but we now buy leaner cuts. I have also cut down on junk food (I love corn chips and I cannot lie) and I think my partner is really happy with that. I’m also happy to write that my partner’s alcohol consumption is still at bay.


My boyfriend went at least 3 times for every week in June. This means that he did HIIT classes at least 12 times in June. He also never missed a Monday. With his effort, he lost another ~3 kilos last month. He enjoys going to the gym and actually looks forward to attending classes. He seems really happy that he has achieved his weight loss goal for the month and that his level of fitness has already improved significantly since we started. I’m so proud of him.

I was doing about the same as my partner until the last week of June when my knee issue resurfaced. I was so happy that my strength and endurance were gradually improving and that I’m building muscles again and then I had to slow down. You can imagine how frustrating that was. I really like working out and I’m always happy when I’m in the gym, but I have to listen to my body when it’s telling me something. I’ll have my knee checked this month and hopefully whatever is wrong with it can be fixed with therapy.


I finished reading Enough in June and am halfway through reading another book. I found Enough informative and inspiring – the kind that makes you believe. I won’t write my thoughts on it, but I would recommend others to read it*. I have to admit that we struggle with reading these days because we are attached with our phones and our computers. We are trying to change this but obviously we are not doing enough.

I also finished making 2 scarves that I will send to Knit One Give One. I wish they give warmth to those who need more of it this winter.


I thought we’ll be spending below my net pay by June, but we went over because of expenses that I failed to consider. I wish I can write that we’ll hit the target in July, but I don’t think it’s going to happen still. We’ll try our best but we’re not going to sulk if we fail again.

How did your June go?



*I thought there would be a book review on Rockstar Finance, but there wasn’t. MMM did write one a few years back though.


Image: Pexels